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Connecticut Business Connection Supports Legislative Bills To Build Small Businesses

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Connecticut, February 13, 2017: The Connecticut Business Connection, a leading provider of networking events and services for small businesses in Connecticut, is proud to announce its support for two bills geared to help small businesses currently in front of the state commerce committee.  The two bills are Proposed Bill No. 5583 and 5564.

Proposed Bill No. 5583 expands the types of companies eligible for investment under the state’s angel investor tax credit. “Connecticut has a long history of putting all of its economic eggs in one basket,” said Eric Lopkin, president of the Connecticut Business Connection. “Whether it is insurance, defense, or biotech, the state can no longer afford to guess what the hot market will be and bet big on it. We must create a broad based business environment that encourages small businesses to form and hire in all sectors. This bill is an important step in that transition.”  More information on this bill can be found at https://www.cga.ct.gov/2017/TOB/h/2017HB-05583-R00-HB.htm.

Proposed Bill No. 5584 establishes a small business hotline to assist small business owners in their interactions with the state. “With the various filings that the state requires, it is very difficult on business owners to determine what needs to be filed and when. The state’s website is not business friendly and while it has all the forms necessary it does not make clear which forms are required for what businesses. The hotline will make it a simple matter for business owners to find out the requirements for their specific situation,” said Lopkin. “While we look forward to legislation simplifying the morass of regulations that currently exists, this is a good start in acknowledging the burden the state places on small businesses.” More information about this bill can be found at https://www.cga.ct.gov/2017/TOB/h/2017HB-05584-R00-HB.htm.

The Connecticut Business Connection is encouraging all of the businesses that attend their events to contact their representative and express their support for these bills. Lopkin stated, “It is important that business people let elected representatives know what is needed to expand the business base and increase employment opportunities in the state.”

About the Connecticut Business Connection

Founded in 2009 as a grass roots organization to help businesses survive the economic downturn, the Connecticut Business Connection has evolved into a partnership between businesses, organizations, and chambers of commerce to help businesses grow and create jobs in the state of Connecticut. The Connecticut Business Connection hosts 11 networking events each month, publishes electronic newsletters and offers workshops and coaching programs to assist Connecticut businesses.

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